The Bridle Bag

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We developed our bridle bag so that you can store your bridle or curb safely and easily transport it. 

  • Innovative materials: Our Uniqhorse® bags are not only dirt and water repellent, they are also made from easy-to-care for materials.
  • Flexible carrying system - the detachable carrying strap allows you to carry the bridle bag comfortably over your shoulder. But you can also wear it classically on the loop, which also serves to hang the bag in your locker or in the trailer.
  • Extra protective lining - a thick quilted inner padding made of soft velvet protects your bridle from scratches and bumps.
  • Fastenings and compartments - The bridle pocket has 3 compartments on the front that you can close with zippers, leaving you plenty of space to store additional things. In addition, 2 suspensions with sturdy snap hooks inside offer you the option of storing several bridles.


The Bridle Bag weighs lightweight 1,2 KG with a length of 14cm, a width of 27 cm and a height of 62 cm. The shipping weight (including packaging) is 1,8 KG


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