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Our equestrian towel is made of 100% pure microfiber. Its Quick Dry technology dries extremely fast, is washable, dirt-absorbing and antibacterial.

  • Quick dry - thanks to the microfibre, the towel quickly absorbs the moisture and leaves the towel dry
  • Antibacterial and hygienic: The microfibers have an antibacterial effect. Dry dust can simply be shaken out of the microfiber
  • Hang it everywhere, the removable snap hook allows hanging the towel not only in the locker but also everywhere else you need it
  • Suitable for washing machines - the towel can be washed at 40 degrees in washing machine and can be dried in the dryer

You can use the towel for example as follows:

  • Clean and dry after cleaning the dental area
  • Drying of bridle, saddle, saddle area or boots after cleaning
  • Dry the fetlock after cleaning the legs of your horse so that they do not become too wet to prevent inflammation
  • Drying the horse's head, especially behind the ears or the places where the bridle has been placed. This gives most horses pleasure after riding, as these spots are sweaty and especially itchy
  • Your horse doesn't like spays? No problem! Simply put flyspray or shine spray on our towels and rub your horse with it


The towel weighs only 62g, is up to 50cm long,  15cm wide and 2mm thick.  Shipping weight (incl. packaging) is 80g

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